Stop living paycheck to paycheck

Automate your finances to
build your savings pay off your debt grow a nest egg


Here's how it works


First we divide every paycheck into money for
bills, savings, and spending.

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Then we take your savings and pay off your debt, build you an emergency fund, and invest for the future.

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We do this with every paycheck so you don't have to worry about money management.

The System: The first service to automate your finances.


The App

Spending, Bills, Credit Cards, and Savings.


Version 1.0 of the app creates a plan for every paycheck and keeps your checking account visually organized according to that plan.

Version 2.0 (in development) will allow users to opt-in to the automated money movement, so we can automatically send payment to your credit card, contribute to a savings account, and invest on your behalf.


We protect you with bank-level encryption


Your data is safe

All communication with your financial institutions is encrypted, and your login data is never saved or stored.

Security: money-final.png

Your money is safe

Our savings accounts are FDIC insured up to $250K, and our brokerage accounts are SIPC insured up to $500K.



You've got questions, we've got answers

+ What are you doing that's new?

Most financial management products want to “empower” you with pie charts to track your spending, tools to create a budget, and advice on how to save money. Maybe you’ve tried these. There’s a reason this approach doesn’t work: they all place the burden on you to devise a financial plan, execute it, and stick to it week after week.

Instead of all that, we create a plan tailored to your situation, and then we execute it for you…so you don’t have to!

+ What's the difference between you and Mint?

Mint is a tool while The System is a service. Mint is where you go to see all your balances and transactions in one place. The rest of it is a bunch of budgeting tools, which means it’s up to you to create a financial plan, set it up, and stick to it.

By contrast, The System does all the work for you. We crunch the numbers, figure out the best way to get you where you need to go, then we execute that plan with every paycheck. Do It For Me is the new Do It Yourself.

+ Wait - you're going to move my money? That's just crazy.

The System uses a series of smart, automatic transfers, the same as you’ve probably set up at your own bank. We do it via ACH, the same way PayPal (and every bank on earth) does. It’s extremely safe and it’s been around forever. And you can always hit “pause” on The System if you want.

+ Will my money and my information be safe?

With all the high-profile hacks in the news, you should be paranoid. Rest assured that we use the exact same 128-Bit Encryption that your bank (and everyone else’s bank) already uses to secure your account. We will never share, sell, steal, borrow, publish, post, or expose your data ever. We take your security and privacy as seriously as you do, if not more. Plus, we are regulated by the Feds to ensure your safety.

+ Are you a bank?

No, but we connect to your bank. Think of us as a smart layer between your bank and everywhere your money needs to go.

+ Is it a pain to set up?

It’s set-it-and-forget-it, so everything is automatic:
1) Link us to your bank and credit card and we’ll figure out your income, your bills, and what’s left over.
2) We make a plan where a portion of every paycheck is set aside for upcoming bills/debt/investment/savings and the rest is guilt-free spending money.
3) You approve it, and we put the plan in motion. Voilá!

+ Can I change my plan?

Yes! If your income or bills change, or if you want to adjust your spending or savings amounts, just return to the set up screens (via the menu) and make your changes. The System will re-run its algorithms and adapt to your changes.

+ How do I save up for something specific, like a vacation?

The Splurge Fund acts as a buffer to cover unexpected expenses and splurges beyond your Spending Money. If you don’t use it, it continues to grow. So, if you have a particular goal like a vacation or a fancy new watch, let your Splurge Fund grow enough to cover it.

+ How much does it cost?

The System is totally free for the first 6 months. After that, we think you’ll like it enough to pay for it.

We’re tying the cost to something many people have multiple times per week, if not per day: a Starbucks latté (grande). For $3.65 every payday, we’ll optimize and automate your finances.

We’ll only raise our prices if Starbucks raises theirs!

+ How can I trust you to do what's best for me?

If you’ve read up on personal finance, you know it’s all a bunch of generally agreed-upon rules, ratios, and best practices. The System applies these principles to your money. These are fundamental concepts, like:

You shouldn’t invest in the stock market until you maximize any tax-advantaged accounts (like IRAs and 401(k)s).

You shouldn’t contribute to a tax-advantaged account until you’ve paid off any credit cards or other high-interest debt.

You shouldn’t pay off any credit card debt until you have enough savings to cover an emergency.

That’s just to give you a hint of how we think. Using the fundamentals and best practices of personal finance, The System is a sophisticated engine that is your own automated personal money manager.

+ What if I don't get a paycheck? Does this work for couples/families?

Right now, The System is optimized for single, salaried individuals. Why? Because that’s the simplest situation to develop for, to be frank.

Support for people with irregular pay and couples/families is certainly on our roadmap. You’ve got to start somewhere, right?

About Us

We built The System because we needed it ourselves

Matty Sallin, CEO

Adam Frank, COO

Erik Needham, CTO

Matty was a designer at Intuit but knew nothing about money. 
Adam was an entrepreneur who was good with money but not computers. 
Erik was an engineer who built apps but didn’t know how to invest.

None of us were happy with the personal finance apps in the marketplace. Most of them are built by financial industry folks who think you want to look at pie charts and line graphs. 

We wanted an effective and easy to use app. So, we took the best practices of personal finance and automated them. It’s worked for us and it will work for you. 

These are our principles:

  • Do It For Me is the new DIY. Personalized services, not tools, are the future of financial management.
  • "Automatic" is better than "easy". If you have to answer questions, do research, or follow advice, it's too much work.
  • No data for data’s sake. Keep it simple.
  • Not overspending is the key to the Three Essential Goals: build savings, pay off debt, grow a nest egg.

Our mission is to transform debtors into investors.  Got questions? Check out our FAQ or email us.

Get on The System.

It's probably the best financial decision you'll ever make.