Frequently Asked Questions

What are you doing that's new?

Most financial management products want to “empower” you with pie charts to track your spending, tools to create a budget, and advice on how to save money. Maybe you’ve tried these. There’s a reason this approach doesn’t work: they all place the burden on you to devise a financial plan, execute it, and stick to it week after week. 

Instead of all that, we create a plan tailored to your situation, and then we execute it for you…so you don’t have to!

What's the difference between you and Mint?

Mint is a tool while The System is a service. Mint is where you go to see all your balances and transactions in one place. The rest of it is a bunch of budgeting tools, which means it’s up to you to create a financial plan, set it up, and stick to it. 

By contrast, The System does all the work for you. We crunch the numbers, figure out the best way to get you where you need to go, then we execute that plan with every paycheck. Do It For Me is the new Do It Yourself.

Will my money and my information be safe?

With all the high-profile hacks in the news, you should be paranoid. Rest assured that we use the exact same 128-Bit Encryption that your bank (and everyone else’s bank) already uses to secure your account. We will never share, sell, steal, borrow, publish, post, or expose your data ever. We take your security and privacy as seriously as you do, if not more. Plus, we are regulated by the Feds to ensure your safety.


The System: A plan for every paycheck