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We built The System because we needed it ourselves

Matty Sallin, CEO


Adam Frank, COO

Erik Needham, CTO

Hi, I’m Matty (that’s me up above). I’m a former software designer at Intuit and the founder of The System.

I used to be a financial mess. I never did anything about it because the topic of personal finance was complex, overwhelming, and dull.

One day I finally decided to get my act together. I did a complete 180° and geeked-out on personal finance, devouring books, magazines, blogs, podcasts, the works. I noticed all the gurus gave the same advice, the issue was following that advice. For this reason, I knew the solution was automation.

I took the best practices from the experts and created The System. Every payday, it would organize my paycheck into money for bills, savings, and spending. Then, it would send the bill money to pay my bills and credit cards, and the savings would go into a savings account and a brokerage account. As a result, all my obligations were taken care of and I always knew exactly how much spending money I had.

My friends started asking me to set them up on this system I’d devised, and it worked for them, too. After realizing that most people could use help with their finances, I joined forces with some fellow finance geeks, business partners, and programmers to build The System. Now, anyone can benefit from our obsessive quest to automate personal finance.

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