How it works

Monthly Bills 2.png

Always have enough to pay your bills in full and on time

We automatically determine your bills so you don't have to enter them. We automatically earmark money for them so you don't have to budget for them.

Credit Card Fund 2.png

Always have the money to pay for your charges

With every card swipe, we set aside money for when your bill comes (though you can opt-out on individual purchases if you’d like).

Rainy Day 2.png

Enjoy a splurge without guilt

We set aside a portion of every paycheck for unexpected expenses, like a splurge or a mistake.

Emergency 2.png

Get closer to your goals every payday

We also set aside a portion of every paycheck for your financial goals, like creating an emergency fund, paying off debt, and investing.


Guilt-free spending

Since your obligations (bills and goals) are covered, the rest is your spending money.