Your Paycheck Plan

Once you securely link The System to your bank and credit card, we automatically create a plan just for you.


Step 1: Automatically determine your income

The System uses statistical analysis to determine your past paychecks, and then uses that to determine your payment schedule.


Step 2: Automatically determine your bills

We again use statistical analysis to determine your recurring monthly bills. You and add, edit, or delete bills.


Step 3: Automatically determine a savings percentage

Based on your Bills-to-Income Ratio, we determine a percentage of each paycheck you can comfortably save towards a savings goal.

Step 4: The rest is your spending money

We break it down into a daily budget, or “per diem”. If you underspend today, your per diem goes up tomorrow!


…and that’s your Paycheck Plan

Every payday, we visually organize your paycheck according to your custom plan. The result is: you always have money earmarked for Bills, Savings, and Spending.