About Us

We built The System because we needed it ourselves

We weren't happy with all the personal finance apps we'd tried. Most of them are built by financial industry folks who think you want to look at pie charts and line graphs. 

We wanted to know at a glance if we had enough money for our obligations (monthly bills and credit card payments) and for spending. It’s worked for us and it will work for you. Welcome to Lazy Budgeting!

These are our principles:

  • Do It For Me is the new DIY. Personalized services, not tools, are the future of financial management.

  • "Automatic" is better than "easy". If you have to answer questions, do research, or follow advice, it's too much work.

  • No data for data’s sake. Keep it simple.

  • Not overspending is the key to the Three Essential Goals: build savings, pay off debt, grow a nest egg.

Our mission is to transform debtors into investors.  Got questions? Check out our FAQ or email us.